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The Stocking Edit: All Killer No Filler!!!

Posted on November 30 2021

Baroque Rocks

The StockingEdit:
All Killer No Filler!


Darling All 

Well hello December………….  Yes, it’s that time of year where we save you that frightful fluster and with some good coruscating Christmas cheer bring you glittering wonders to signify the end of a tough old year!  Scads of sparklers for the Stocking Edit that are temptingly over the ton and well under the monkey mark.  Marvel yes marvel!

Diamond Collection at Baroque Rocks

Click for Vibrance!

A dazzling Diamond array even if we do say so ourselves showcasing We Three Rings!!!  Now nothing quite says I love you like “I Love You” spelt out in CAPS and especially when it is in Diamonds.  Or preferential perhaps is a trio of Diamonds for when you go on the razzle dazzle in Seventies sass , just add a Diamond flower ring from the same decade!!  So divine so sublime……..To add a little je ne sais quoi do adorn further with this circa 1940’s Diamond of a locket! Room for two pictures of loved ones be they in furry or human form!  It’s been polished to perfection and sound cleansed with love!!  Style like the icon you are as all these pieces have vibrant vintage versatility!

Ruby Collection at Baroque Rocks
Click to be The Lady in Red!

Oh Come All Yee Faithful and look mightily sharp in a floral fantasy bedecked with ten ravishing Rubies!!!  Seventies pins are all the rage don’t you know – pure seductive style!  Garnish with a pair of Ruby studs et voilà Lady in Red…we’ve never seen you shine so bright!!!

Lily Of The Valley Pearl Brooch 1962

Click for the Perennial Pin Up!

And whilst we are on the topic of Rubies, we have a ravishing recherché rare Ruby eyed Owl brooch!!!  Tweeting talismanic hoots of wisdom and brilliance!!!  Or perhaps a convivial spray of Christian Dior’s favourite flower, Lily of the Valley.  This magnificent “muguet” 1960s brooch really is the “return to happiness” in every way!!  Tote this talismanic treasure on your lapel or even on your decolletage!!  A perennial pin up, dating to 1962, much fancied by the House of Dior!  In Dulci Jubilo!

Citrine Collection at Baroque Rocks

Click for Bounteous Riches!

Be bright and beautiful, bedazzling in briolettes……….that is chic Citrine and Diamond ones!!!  Pair these exquisite earrings with a ring sporting the same combo of gemstones!!!  Did you know a diamond accent speaks volumes especially when accentuating a steamy Citrine!!!  Fling on and prance around sparking joy!!!  Oh and Citrines have a jewel purpose……..  Not only do they look sensational but apparently will attract bounteous riches too…………..


Sapphire & Pearl Modernist Ring

Click for Mesmeric Modernism!

In the bleak midwinter, nothing looks better than a Sapphire & Pearl ring – go mesmeric and modernist: in indomitable Sui Generis style.  Add a 1960s Bamboo bracelet for added measure!!  The thinnest one we have ever come upon and perfect to add to that jingle bells of other bangles on one’s wrist!

Chilli Pepper Cornicello Coral Necklace 1970s
Click for a Hot Talisman!

Hark the Herald Angels sing let’s get into the Christmas swing!!!!  Don a pair of snazzy Sapphire and Diamond earrings to jazz up any festive dawn ‘til dusk sartorial endeavour!  For added winter statementing, Seventies style, wear this Red-Hot Chilli Pepper Coral cracker!!  The Cornicello, for the uninitiated is Italian for Horn and is a talisman for good luck!!  Tally ho!

Did you know that Father Christmas invests in Baroque Rocks Stockings & Shares……..ok that’s terrible but it’s a wrap!!!

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team


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