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The True North Edit: New Season Style!

Posted on September 15 2021

Baroque Rocks

The True North Edit:
New Season Style!


Darling All 

September is serving up some spectacular wins from the teen tennis star that bears the same name as Baroque Rocks’ illustrious founder!!  Aiming high we thought we’d showcase a few Sapphire sensations, being this month’s birthstone, along with a few bangin’ bougie bijous that bedizen our bling, bling, box!!! 

Going glamorously into the new season saw us scribble sparkling spiel on smouldering Sapphires, a technicolour dream that literally come in every happy hue from canary yellow to catnipping candy pink but most notably that covetable cornflower blue!!  Ranked amongst the world’s most valuable minerals, they tickle the fancy of rockstars and royals alike!!  Adding to which Sapphires are talismanic, bringing tremendous amounts of love and luck to the wearer whilst adding a soupçon of intellect to boot!!  Bedeck oneself in Sapphires for brains, love and luck!!  Simples! 

Click for electrifying jewels! 

Click for electrifying jewels!

First up a towelling throwback to nostalgic beach days showcasing Seventies Sapphire sparklers!!!  A 1978 bombé blaster of a dazzler, that gives off electrifying style so much so they got “chills, they’re multiplyin’,” together with an unusual and geometrically asperous gold ring decorated with four blue Sapphires with edgy enamelling!!!  Adorn with grease lightening Avant-Garde…..

Click for Blue Chip Investments!
Click for Blue Chip Investments!

Keeping September’s sunny aspirations in mind do add to your bottom line with this bombé fantastic Blue Chip Investment, we are predicting maximalism all the way!!!  Sculptural Sapphire seduction in pure Seventies subversive style!!!  With its tagline sobriquet: Le Cactus de Baroque Rocks, enjoy being ravishingly rebellious!

Blue and Green Sapphire Ring 2005

Click for bounteous bling!

Fast forward through the decades to 2005 – this super-hot, Sapphire saturation sets the tone in the jewel fashion stakes with its Green and Blue corundums.  Really the only conundrum you will have is whether you wear it on its own or literally stack it up with some other bounteous bling!  Delicious decisions!

Coral Crush Dress Ring

Click for outré hedonism!

Be a peacock, preen and strut your stuff in these colourful cocktails.   Choose between a zesty Lemon Quartz and Malachite Ring, whose rich green embellishes the translucent luxury of Lemon Quartz for a radical glow up!!!   

Or go for this Coral Crush Dress Ring with rumoured talismanic qualities (Pliny the Elder did indeed write volumes on its good fortune) which will add a little je ne sais quoi to any outfit!!!!  A cabochon beauty that is pure Seventies swank replete with a reflected Palm Tree for outré hedonism!! 

What does Queen B, an enormous Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring and the year 2008 all have in common??  Well, they are obviously hot, hot, but “Put a Ring on it” came out!!!  And like the song this ring is gleefully sassy, up-tempo and exudes a punchy organic beat!!!  Power!!!  P.S. we are loving new Tiffany’s advert: Breakfast at Beyoncé where she wears the famous 128 carat yellow diamond, worth a mere $30m……….

Antique Articulated Gold Orb Compass Pendant

Click for your True North!

Finally, we have an awesomely articulated gold orb pendant that swivels open to reveal a compass!!!  This chic centennial curio is both practical and symbolic, a sparkling periapt that will bring one inspiration, independence, balance and safe passage through life’s journey.  Did you know that the word compass derives from the Latin: “com” meaning together and “passus” which is step or pace.  Journeying together we advocate embarking on a voyage of discovery straight to the bejewelled emporium that is Baroque Rocks, which is of course everyone’s innermost desire and their True North!!!

Stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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