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The ‘Aquadisiac’ Allure Edit: Hedonistic Holiday Style

Posted on July 18 2021

Baroque Rocks

The 'Aqudisiac' Allure Edit:
Hedonistic Holiday Style


Darling All 

Oh, hello July, thank you for finally shining through post your recent tantruming deluge, though we are afraid we haven’t taken much notice save that school’s out and we have to navigate the complex PCR landscape between Blighty, ‘Beetha’ and Bali.  Except Bali won’t let you in, Beetha is booked and Blighty well yes glamping in your kitchen may well be where it is at….unless of course you are in splendid isolation having succumbed to the delights of Delta! Regardless of ones plans we of course have you covered so that you can welcome the obligatory ocean shades into your trousseau!! Yes, all that bounteous bling that one needs, to effortlessly play it cool!

Click for 'aquadisiac' allure! 

Click for 'aquadisiac' allure!

Dive into the marine scene with pure ‘aquadisisac’ allure!!! We have recently revamped this sexy Sixties Sunburst ring with a whopping big Blue Topaz which oozes the contemporary whilst being effortlessly retro!!! That is 1962 retro!! Pair with a magnificently modernist gold barked bracelet! Worn on its own or layered up!!! Either way we have a serious crush on this arm candy! Style it up for Mykonos / St Mawes vibes!!

Click for a passport to paradise!
Click for a passport to paradise!

Lead the charmed life with a passport to paradise and Topaz treats aplenty. Marvellously minimalist fine bracelet with eight oval Blue Topaz gemstones glittering beseechingly at you to add to your wrist! Whilst a further three oval Blue Topazes doth captivate! The number of good-fortune, wisdom and harmony, oh and ‘tis the Empress Card in the Tarot pack no less, symbolising creation and growth!!! Kismet for the goddess in you!

Click to excess all areas!

Click to be achingly cool!

Satiate wanderlust with an haute season of hedonism where it is all in the golden weave!! Excess all areas by flaunting this scene stealer: one ‘helluva’ cocktail ring replete with oodles of Diamonds, Sapphires (cabochons darlings, cabochons) and Turquoises!! Add to the sartorial sun-washed savoir faire by going maximal eclecticism and twerking a Torque Bangle!!! Quite the impressive piece with an alluring Amethyst and a twinkling Topaz blue! Sparkle, Rattle and Roll!

Click for society glitz!

Click for society glitz!

Sail into summer channelling Californication vibes with this Red Hot ChilliPepper Coral Cornichello!!! Style a la Slim Aarons on a long chain so that it swings betwixt your buoyancy aides, whilst knotting this Seventies sailing boatbeauty at your clavicles!!  Then do slip on a band of blue beauty that exudes unadulterated society glitz!! So seventies, so seductive!

Click for a wisdom infusion!

Click for a wisdom infusion!

Choose seascape accessories in golden dark blue hues, lavishing oneself in LapisLazuli! Known as the wisdom keeper these beauties will infuse the intelligentsia in you and will enrapture those hanging on to your every sparkling, superior word! Be the smouldering Blue Stocking and ‘seas’ the day!

Click to surf with 'Sapphired' up zeal!

Click to surf with 'Sapphired' up zeal!

Throw yourself into summer’s limitless possibilities, like surfing in snazzy Sapphire and Diamond earrings whilst getting amped up for the A frame wave and donning a dress ring, of the same gemstoned ilk for added zeal!!! Sex Waxing it all the way, Mermaid style!

Click for vitamin sea!

Click for vitamin sea!

Get your vitamin sea with the trendy trope of St Topaz’s blue hues!!! This cocktail corker means essential gin palace styling or anywhere really, where dialling up the dazzle is celebrated and seriously coveted!!! Just don’t forget to don your naughty nautical large hoop earrings and wink at the captain! He and everyone aboard will get swept away by your glamour!

We may well have got you into the deep waters of desire having festooned you with summer sensations, but the future is bright, the future is Baroque Rocks!!!

Stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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