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I'm a Celebrity Carat Edit: November's Sessions

Posted on November 20 2022

Baroque Rocks

I'm a Celebrity Carat Edit:
November's Sessions


Darling All 

Goodness, November is proving to be like scenes plucked from The Tempest: incessant rain; the shipwreck of crypto cretins, punctuated with hilarious respite from the Bushtucker brilliance on the box!  Our theme therefore for this edit will be “I’m a celebrity carat get me out of here!!”  And that, our magpies, is exactly what we have done!  We have been busy recycling, up-cyling, polishing and cleansing a cache of treasures that have brought the pieces to another level of dazzling delight all to the choons of Groove Armada!!  As November’s stones are of dual decadence Topazes and Citrines we shall be showcasing those and celebrating “carat-aful” circular logic and the energetic powers of jewels redux.


Cabochon Citrine Gold Retractable Pencil
Click For A Stylsh Stylus!

First up is autumn’s palette of juicy citrus tones!!!  Indulge in a bout of fabulous frivolité with a “Cabochon Citrine Gold Retractable Pencil!”  A stylus so swaggeringly suave its even crowned with a cabochon Citrine which we advocate wearing on a long, long chain and used purely to practice one’s signature in well….. style (or to pencil a postcard)!!  Hold a vibe, its “urban organic mic mechanic”!

Citrine Acorn Necklace c. 1970s

Click To Grow & Glow Quercus Prospero!

Continuing on with our zesty tropes we have the Citrine Acorn Necklace circa 1970s! Did you know mighty oaks from little acorns grow!!  Ravishingly rare and in the beautifully barked cupule of gold sits a colossal Citrine, making it one awesome Acorn!!!  Symbolising eternal hope, good luck and prosperity with the added bonus that the Citrine is the wealth stone!  How fortuitous is that!!!   Wear, grow and glow!!  Quercus prospero! 


Blue Topaz and Citrine Suntoucher Necklace 1974
Click For the Suntoucher!

For ‘jewel’ delight the “Blue Topaz and Citrine Suntoucher Necklace 1974” is high voltage!!  Sunrays of jive electro Blue Topazes surround a sensational effervescent bold and radiant Citrine!  Beauty barometer is at an all time high for this number!


Diamond & 14.8 Carat Blue Topaz Ring 2008

Click For Superstylin' Carats!

Segueing sparklingly to the cocktail sessions where the style mantra is maximalism!!!  Amp it up with megawatt tones of a bold braggadocious Blue Topaz!!!  We are talking a Diamond & 14.8 Carat Blue Topaz Ring dated 2008!!  Hedonistic hard candy cocktail of a carated up corker!  Yes, that is 14.8 carats right there with a delightful Diamond dazzle to boot.  More is more, rounded up its actually a 15 carater!!  Oh yes please encore!!!


Blue Topaz Triumvirate Dress Ring 1975

Click For The Powerful Triumvirate!

Next up we have the quietly opulent “Blue Topaz Triumvirate Dress Ring 1975.” Triumvirate is not only attributed to randy Roman Emperors but also these three grandiose glittering Topazes: a Swiss Blue Topaz flanked by Sky Blue Topazes! Strike the power pose!


Blue Topaz and Diamond Rubover Cocktail Ring

Click For Fantasy and Function!

Another Autumnal treat for you to ‘fall’ for is this jewelled up blue beauty replete with a substantial number of Diamonds.  Incredibly reminiscent of an Elizabeth Gage cocktail ring to boot!  We are somewhat obsessed by the fact that the Blue Topaz is held up with its own necklace of aquadisiac allure!  Exquisite edginess of fantasy and function!!!!  Flaunt in all its fabulousness! 


Diamond & Swiss Blue Topaz Lovebox Ring 2005

Click For Lovebox Lust!

Not quite out of the blue but our final Topazian treat is the Diamond & Swiss Blue Topaz Lovebox Ring 2005!  Happy Diamonds encrusting a large Swiss Blue Heart shaped Topaz!!!!   Lovebox Lust!  Enlightenment! 

November’s shimmering sessions will of course lead into December’s dazzle but the glosse posse showcased by the house of Baroque Rocks are indeed a renaissance of recharged luxury ready to rock!


Topaz Collection at Baroque Rocks

Click To Party! Peace Out!

Oh, and last word to avoid any gilt trip whilst swiping the plastic the World Gold Council stated that in the third quarter of 2022 Central Banks have been busily buying up record 399 tonnes of gold worth around USD 20 billion!!!!  So, all hail the monarch of metals and carpe aurum!!!! Get that party started after all its almost December!!! 

Stay Sparkling! 

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team


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